Innovation Lab Bootcamps

Innovation Bootcamps provide business and technical stakeholders with an immersive introduction to and hands on experience with emerging technologies and solutions. They are designed to foster and support individual or collaborative innovation projects that incorporate these powerful new capabilities.


Introduce members to emerging technologies and startups that enable and accelerate innovation

Identify individual or collaborative innovation projects

Bootcamp Topics

AI / M2M / Cognitive Computing


Cyber Security / Insurance

IoT / Real Time Insurance

Building an InsurTech Lab – Rapid Development & Innovation


1.5 – 2 Day Events (1 – 2 Per Quarter)

Agenda Day One


Market / Technology Overview

InsurTech / Vendor / Investor Presentations

Use Cases

Agenda Day Two

(Break Out Sessions)

Hands on with Technology

One on One Meetings

Individual / Collaborative Project Identification

Summary / Next Steps

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