Innovation Outpost and Scouting Services

Innovation Scouting

Reduce Time, Cost, and Risk in Identifying Trends and Innovators

Silicon Valley is one of the most vibrant innovation centers in the world and home to multiple innovation and technology ecosystems

SVIA is a Nexus for Innovators, Startups, and Investors.
SVIA’s is an open innovation outpost with access to a continually growing network of innovators and investors.

Objective Perspective
As an open innovation accelerator, we provide an objective perspective of emerging trends, technologies, and the companies driving them. We aren’t tied to internal politics or an investment portfolio.

Fast and Effective:
We facilitate a continual dialog with the innovators and investors driving the next generation of technology and insurance. That gives us the context and relationships to quickly identify high value opportunities and relationships that can help companies drive high impact innovation, partnering, and investment.

Innovation Scouting

SVIA helps clients identify, assess, and engage with innovative companies that can help them achieve specific business, innovation, or investment goals. Projects are typically highly focused, and take between 4 – 6 months to complete.

Phase 1: Project Initiation and Discovery

  • Deliverable: Assessment and Project Plan

Phase 2: Market Overview

  • Deliverables: Market overview and Recommendations, Updated Project Plan

Phase 3: Initial Interviews with Domain Experts

  • Deliverable: Write ups of discussions and recommendations, refinement of project plan

Phase 4: Targeted Interviews

  • Deliverable: Write ups of discussions and recommendations, Defined set of targets for business development and objectives for each target

Phase 5: Initial Evaluation and Recommendations

  • Deliverable: Write up initial evaluation and recommendations re. market opportunities, priorities, and next steps.

Phase 6: Business Development Meetings

  • Deliverable: Brief (Company Name) on organizations and goals for meetings, Set up and facilitate meetings, develop and present recommendations and next steps for each company.

Phase 7: Business / Technical Strategy

  • Deliverable: Develop a set of recommendations and next steps for how to proceed with the overall strategy, specific innovation zones, and the potential business partners. Develop and recommend next steps for program and the Brief (Company Name) / SVIA relationship.

Ongoing Agile Processes

  • Deliverable: Ongoing scouting and research activities to surface high potential technologies, trends, and relationships. Regular reporting new or refine findings and recommendations. Ongoing course corrections to project plan and targets as new insight and opportunities emerge.

Innovation Outpost

SVIA acts as an interim or ongoing innovation outpost for clients. As the client’s innovation outpost, we help them establish a working presence in Silicon Valley. Outpost relationships are typically executed as part of an annual retainer relationship, and are customized to align with the goals, priorities, and budget of the client. Confidentiality of these activities are guided by the client.

  • Conduct multiple innovation scouting projects
  • Provide ongoing reports and analysis of relevant emerging trends & technologies
  • Provide profiles of emerging startups
  • Establish relationships in the startup, technology, and startup community
  • Host client visitors and help them set up meetings
  • Hold innovation meetups to explore innovation opportunities and facilitate cross technology or ecosystem dialogs
Mike ConnorInnovation Outpost and Scouting Services