InsurTech Rapid Innovation Lab

SVIA’s InsurTech Rapid Innovation Lab provides world class design, development, and delivery resources that help insurance companies, startups, and vendors harness emerging technologies to forge breakthrough products and solutions.

What We Do

Help, design, develop and deliver Innovative InsurTech enabled Products, Solutions, and Services

Project Types

Proof of concepts, insurance products, enabling solutions & services, industry infrastructure , and platforms.


Harness emerging technologies to build innovative connected insurance products and enabling solutions


Market Research, Validation, Sandbox / Prototyping Environment, Design, Architecture, Development, Sourcing, Hosting, Outsourced Business Processes, Strategic Consulting.

Lab Benefits

Rapid design, development, & deployment of products and solutions
Reduce risk, time and costs of trying to implement internally, or to develop a team & partners from scratch.

Innovation Project Portfolio

P2P Insurance for Business

SVIA is working with Charter Partners to design and develop a breakthrough P2P Insurance offering for business that focuses on reducing work place hazards and improving worker safety. This project is still in stealth mode.

Texas Mutual

Texas Mutual is an innovator in the workers compensation field. This project is in Stealth Mode.


ZERO is a revolutionary, real-time mobile platform that engages and empowers all employees of participating companies to be active and contributing members of the company’s safety program.

Jarrad ConnorInsurTech Rapid Innovation Lab