InsurTech Webinar / Blockchain CyberRisk

Why This Event

Imagine a world where every process, agreement, task and payment would have a digital code that could be identified, validated, stored and shared. That’s the gigantic potential of blockchain technology.

Past SVIA Innovation Event Attendees

According to Forbes, “everyone from Wall Street to Walmart is betting on it.” The important question in the insurance industry is how blockchain adoption will affect cyber-security & risk and cyber-insurance.

SVIA and Advisen are hosting a webinar on October 18th that will unravel how blockchain can transform how business is conducted – redefining companies and economies in general. Blockchain is the technology at the heart of bitcoin and other virtual currencies. In this webinar, guest panelists will discuss how insurers will respond as more and more electronic transactions are handled via blockchain as well as critical future implications.

Why Attend

Learn how blockchain will reshape cyber security & insurance

  • Learn more about “What is Blockchain?” and why everyone is talking about it
  • Understand what the implications are for cybersecurity and cyber insurance
  • Analyze whether blockchain effectively deters cyber criminals
  • Explore blockchain technologies’ limitations and vulnerabilities
  • Discuss how insurers specifically will respond as more and more electronic transactions are handled via blockchain

Who Should Attend

Teams from Business & Technology

  • Insurance teams from Business, Marketing, & Technology
  • InsurTech Startups
  • Investors from VC community
  • Enterprise Product Strategy, Innovation & Management Groups
  • Underwriters and Actuaries
  • Representatives from Claims, Customer Service, Fraud, Risk
  • Data and Analytic Analysts & Scientists


“Two days of valuable presentations, and
meetings with people I wanted to speak with.”

“With the proliferation of InsurTech conferences, it is rare to find one that strikes the right balance between start-ups/innovators, incumbent insurers, vc/investors , and established vendors. SVIA found the right balance that allowed for an open dialogue that is rare in such a closely-guarded space – well done.”

“Good mix of practical advice and thought leadership.”

Past SVIA Speakers

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Jarrad ConnorInsurtech Webinar / Blockchain CyberRisk