Thank you for your interest in speaking at InsurTech Silicon Valley | 2017
Core Systems & InsurTech Fusion, March 29 – 30, San Francisco

On behalf of our community, attendees, sponsors, and my fellow Summit organizers, Natalie Wood, and Brian Mulconrey thank you for your interest in helping us make this conference a success and accelerating the creation of a digital generation of insurance. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get your message across and achieve the objectives you have for this conference.

Mike Connor, SVIA CEO & Conference Chair

Speaker Guidelines

Conference Goal:

Have attendees leave with a clear understanding and the connections they need to leverage the modular cloud based nature of InsurTech solutions to develop next generation innovation and core systems strategies that accelerate innovation and digital transformation.

Working Premise:

Lower cost easier to deploy and manage cloud based InsurTech solutions and technology are enabling new more effective strategies for innovation, digital transformation and rapid application development.

Modular components, outsourced processes, and white labeled solutions can be combined quickly to launch digital core processes, products, and even entire companies. This enables / demands that incumbents rethink innovation and core system strategies if they are to remain competitive. It also creates new high growth opportunities for startups.

We are looking for great speakers who have insight and experience in accelerating the development / transformation of innovative insurance products, companies, or core processes through the use of modular InsurTech components.

We work hard to have a mix of speakers from startups, technology leaders, insurance companies who are working on the leading edge of technology, investors, and analysts / consultants.

This is a thought leadership forum designed to give attendees insight in the future of digital insurance and concrete information on how to help their company become a vibrant contributor within that future.

We know you are excited about your product or services, as you should be. However, we want you to put that hat aside and instead, stand as thought leader / emissary / liaison for the digital future of the industry who can deliver real practical insights on how to help companies become part of that.

Sponsorships are critical to helping us fund and profit from this work. We actively seek sponsorships from established companies who will benefit from the opportunity to demonstrate their thought leadership and connect with the senior decision makers our conferences attract.

We always have more speakers applying than we have available speaker slots. While our emphasis is on the quality of the agenda and speakers, we will reserve speaking slots for paying sponsors and non sponsoring speakers may get cut from the agenda.

We can find a sponsorship package that will fit your budget. FYI: We do have a soft spot for early stage start ups so we won’t be quite as pushy with them.

Sessions typically have multiple speakers

Speaker presentations are typically TED Talk like.

  • Short in length, 8 – 12 minutes
  • Light on slides, 7 – 10
  • Heavy on powerful personal stories that reflect the speakers passion and commitment
  • Deliver 3 – 5 key actionable points
  • Videos and decks from your presentation will be made available to the audience and to the general public
  • Do not include any confidential material
  • We do a quick Q&A after all speakers in a session have presented
  • Powerpoint (only)
  • Wide Screen Format (16X9)
  • Do not include anything you don’t want shared publicly. (No confidential information)
  • All conference presentations will be broadcast and recorded
  • The conference videos are edited as sessions not as individual presentations with the exception of sponsors
  • Videos of Gold and Platinum Sponsor speakers will be edited as standalone videos
  • You must sign a release form giving us the right to use your materials and video for promotional purposes
  • Each session has a coordinator and is listed in the agenda below. They will be your initial point of contact.
  • We will be actively recruiting speakers through January and the first part of February
  • Speaker Selection: The speaker line up will remain open / fluid until somewhere around the end February first part of March.
  • Your coordinator will inform you of your status. And yes, paying sponsors will get priority
  • Your coordinator will also work with you to insure your presentations and others in your session work together and don’t overlap
  • You can expect them to give you 3 – 5 key topic / focal areas they would like you to cover.
  • Reviews of initial presentations will begin mid February
  • Review of final presentations will be in the first 2 weeks of March
  • Final Presentations are due the 3rd week of March
  • Late Presentations / Lack of Communication: If you’re late in getting your presentation in and or aren’t staying in communication with your coordinator you risk losing your slot to another speaker, and or having an older version of your presentation used for production. Don’t be late.

We will need the following from speakers

  • Linkedin Link
    • We will use the the name, title, company, photo, and description there for our marketing materials
    • If you would like to use something else let your coordinator know and provide them those materials.

We will create the following materials to promote your participation

  • A speaker profile to be used in the agenda & the conference program guide
  • Speaker promotion card for social media
  • Posts and articles
    • If you have posts, articles, and or white papers that address the conference theme and or your sessions that aren’t too sales like, we will push them out through our social media as part of the conference promotion
  • Interviews for our posts / blogs
    • We will be posting short interviews with speakers as part of our media campaign
    • As part of your speaker prep your coordinator will send you some interview questions
      • Please respond to those in writing
      • We will compile those into a short blog post
      • If needed your coordinator or our marketing person do a follow up phone call before posting the blog
  • Video Interviews
    • We will be doing a limited number of video interviews at the conference
    • Sponsors will get priority
    • If you are interested let your coordinator know
    • Our marketing team will be setting up a schedule

All speakers and their companies are expected to help promote this event

  • That includes engaging your marketing team to help with the following
    • Pushing our material and social efforts through your social media channels including linkedin and twitter
      • That means sharing it not just liking it.
    • Promoting your participation & the event through your newsletters, direct mail, web site and events.
    • creating a pr release leeting people know you will be presenting at the conference
    • Personal invitations from you key potential customers or others you would like to make sure attend
    • FYI: We do track this stuff and yes it is definitely part of our consideration process for selecting people to speak at future events.

We do not pay speaker fees. We are building a community of people and companies that mutually benefit from coming together to share ideas and information. If the opportunity to present and exchange ideas with this community isn’t sufficiently valuable to you, then this isn’t the right forum.

Session Goals and Descriptions

The conference agenda is outlined below. Click to find the goals and description of the sessions. Most sessions will have multiple speakers. There are typically 4 speakers per session, however they can range from 2 – 5 based on the topic.

If you find a topic(s) you are passionate about and qualified to present, please use the Contact Us form located below the agenda to let us know what you are interested in.

FYI: Session time slots and times will change as we finalize speakers and adjust to meet their availability.

Your session coordinator will keep you posted.

March 29 | Day One

Session Coordinator: Mike Connor

Session Goal: Provide an actionable vision for a digital generation of insurance and why new innovation and digital transformation strategies are required to stay competitive.

Session Description: Why you need to change your innovation and core systems transformation strategy now. What will a digital generation of the insurance industry look like? What it will take to compete within it? What are the trends and technologies shaping it? How is InsurTech shaping next gen innovation and transformation strategies?

Session Coordinator: Natalie Wood

Session Goal: Introduce overview and discuss the impact of specific technology building blocks on business strategies/core systems for insurance transformation and innovation

Session Description: Discover the InsurTech Building Blocks Innovating Business Strategies and Core System Transformation. Cloud/SaaS based platform & Modular Components, Big Data, Analytics, AI, Blockchain, are redefining the rules of competition. Find out how innovators are using these to reduce costs, and accelerate new product design/rollout, revenue growth, improve customer engagement, streamline business processes, and increase service quality.

Session Coordinator: Brian Mulconrey

Session Goal: Define how the insurance value chain will shift as the industry becomes highly digital

Session Description: How the insurance value chain will shift and what it will take to compete as we become a digital industry? A look at how InsurTech building blocks are driving transformative change at each link in the value chain. What are the implications for insurance carriers, distributors, reinsurers, and tech vendors serving the industry?

Session Coordinator: Natalie Wood

Session Goal: Define and map next generation customer journeys. Hear what the next generation distribution channels and their requirements will be, and what it will take to create customer value within them.

Session Description: How will Next Gen Real-Time Digital Customer Journeys Change and What Core Systems Business Strategies are required to Compete? What is the new digital customer engagement paradigm? Find out how Omni Channel, Real-Time Customer Engagement are must haves as part of your core InsurTech building blocks. Discussion on their impact on Core Systems and why it’s important to include this into the design of your new Core System strategy and architecture.

Session Coordinator: Mike Connor

Session Goal: Provide insight into the platform requirements and capabilities insurance companies will need to compete in a customer centric digital industry.

Session Description:

What requirements will shape the platforms digital insurance companies of the future run on? What will their capabilities be? How will they be architected and managed? Here is a hint. They will be designed for the customer and will support contextually aware, realtime insurance products that act proactively for the customer and enable the customer to add, pause, change or delete their portfolio of coverages and 3rd party supporting services on the fly.

Session Coordinator: Natalie Wood

Session Goal: Discuss the role of agile development, pilot initiatives, and rapid application development platforms to help with accelerating transformation and innovation to be competitive in market

Session Description: How do you Pilot New Insurance Products/Services in 90-days? What business strategies can you employ to help you accelerate your company’s innovation leveraging InsurTech components and platforms? How do you develop strategies for enhancing existing products and designing and developing totally new products? Do you leverage InsurTech startups? How can you use the Cloud and SaaS based platforms to do this?

Session Coordinator: Mike Connor

Session Goal: Provide attendees an overview of next gen risk and underwriting the InsurTech components shaping it and how those impact core systems strategies

Session Description: How InsurTech is changing the underwriting game. What will digitally transformed risk & underwriting processes look like? How will the building blocks of underwriting automation, Big Data, Real time assessment and engagement at the point of risk via IoT etc. impact them? How do you develop an innovation and transformation strategy and roadmap to get there?

March 30 | Day Two

Session Coordinator: Mike Connor

Session Goal: Provide an overview of how InsurTech building blocks / platforms are accelerating digital transformation and innovation and what the roadmap to using them looks like

Session Description: Building a roadmap for next gen innovation and transformation using InsurTech Building Blocks. Overview of how insurtech building blocks can be used to develop more effective roadmaps for innovation and transformation.

Session Coordinator: Brian Mulconrey

Session Goal: Overview how InsurTech building blocks are transforming the claims & fraud process.

Session Description: How is the claims and fraud detection process being transformed by InsurTech building blocks like big data, machine learning, IoT, and predictive analytics? The point of claim is one of our most powerful opportunities for creating great customer experiences. In the past, concerns about fraud have often adversely impacted those experiences – this next generation changes that.

Session Coordinator: Mike Connor

Session Goal: Provide attendees with actionable insight, recommendations, and lessons learned on how to incorporate InsurTech components and platforms into a rapid innovation and application development process.

Session Description: Learn how to use InsurTech components to accelerate product innovation and development. How do you accelerate innovation by leveraging insurtech components and platforms? How do you develop strategies for enhancing existing products and developing totally new products?

Session Coordinator: Brian Mulconrey

Session Goal: Discuss / debate alternative approaches to fusing insurtech and core systems strategies to accelerate transformation

Session Description: How do you create a core systems strategy that keeps pace with InsurTech Innovation? Evaluate the strategic options around cloud-based core systems, third party admin solutions and traditional in house deployments, partial updates to existing core systems etc.. This panel will address these issues and more.

Session Coordinator: Natalie Wood

Session Goal: Overview of best practices in implementing alternative InsurTech driven Core System Transformation strategies (keys to success / lessons learned)

Session Description: Learn how to design your Core Systems Transformation Roadmap using best practice approaches. No matter where you are on the journey to transform your Core Systems this panel will provide actionable insight for thriving in a world where the rapid integration of new InsurTech solutions will be critical.

Let us know what topics you would like to present on

Please use the Contact Us form below to let us know what topic(s) you would like to speak on.

Use the “more detail section” of the form to let us know what you are interested in.

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